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Flower Battle(in 2020) originates from Hwatu and Hanafuda. Hwatu is Korean version of Hanafuda, introduced to Korea from Japan early in 1900's. Hanafuda(early in the 19th century) was transformed from Karuta(late in the 17th century), which originated from Hombre, Spain/Portuguese version of European playing cards, Portuguese missionaries/traders brought with them into Japan in the mid-16 century.  And, European playing cards(in the 14th century) were in fact, through Persia, from China, many believe.


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Rules of Flower Battle come from Gostop, a game of Hwatu, with clear definition of each rule in English and new wordings for some of the rules. Gostop originated from Japanese Koi Koi but evolved in Korea to a different level with unique rules and irresistible fun.  

Design of Flower Battle was completed by a professional book illustrator based on Hanafuda, Hwatu and actual natural flowers, trees and animals.

* Flower Battle TM and Design patent pending in USA and other countries

* ©2020. Keiplanet Inc. All rights reserved

Flower Battle is all about collecting flowers of 12 months. Although the game is easy to learn, a bit of strategy is needed to win. You scan your Hand cards and Ground cards to plan how to score points, while keeping an eye on other players' moves to adjust your strategy. Attack, defend, gamble for a huge win, or minimize your losses. There are no swords or bullets in this beautifully colored battlefield. This is Flower Battle.

Flower Battle is a whole new product introduced to the world by Keiplanet Inc. We have transformed the conventional and locally popular Korean/Japanese card game, giving it a new design, friendly wording and an overall modern feel. It is perfect for small gatherings of family and friends, easily enjoyed while catching up and having a drink.

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