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Trap & Free

You put down one Hand card on the ground to match a Ground card, then flip a card from the Flip pile onto the ground. If the flipped card is the same as your 2 matched cards, meaning there are now 3 cards of a month on the ground by your play, then they get Trapped on the ground and you cannot collect any of them. (sad!) If there is a Wild card in between, that also remains Trapped on the ground along with the 3 matched cards. (real sad!)

A player with the 4th card in his/her hand or a player who flips the 4th card from the Flip pile, on his/her turn, can Free the Trapped cards and collect all of them. The player also receives one bonus Plain card each from the other players' Collection.

(1) Trap on the first turn

When your cards get Trapped on the ground during the first turn, you get paid 4 Stem sticks right away, 2 each from the other players.

(2) 3rd Trap

When your cards get Trapped 3 times in one round, you become the winner with 3 points (very rare!)

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