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Set up

Flower Battle is 2-4 player card game. It uses 48 Flower cards (12 mths x 4 cards) and 4 optional Wild cards. (Players decide to include 0-4 Wild cards in the deck)


At the beginning of a round : (referring to 'Layout of the Game')

  • ​Each player has 7 cards in his/her hands (Let's call them Hand cards)

  • On the Battle ground, there are 6 cards face-up (Let's call them Ground cards) and Flip pile

  • The Collection square is where each player neatly displays what he/she has collected from each turn. Stem sticks or any other point counters are also kept here

Decide the dealer of 1st round

Simply rock, paper, scissors! 


How to deal (4 players)


When there are 4 players, one of them should die for a round as Flower Battle is 2-3 player game each round.  Nevertheless, Flower Battle is fully appreciated when played by 4 players. 

1) The dealer cannot die

2) 2nd player (right to the dealer) chooses first to either play or call out 'die!'

3) If the 2nd player decides to play, the 3rd player chooses to either play or call out 'die!'

4) If the 3rd player also decides to play, the 4th player has no choice but die automatically to Sell Gold

5) If the 2nd or 3rd player dies, the dead player's Hand cards are reshuffled into the Flip pile, and the round starts immediately

6) Players cannot die in consecutive rounds except for the player who previously died as the 4th player

Sell Gold

When the 4th player dies, he/she has the right to Sell his/her Gold cards (if there are any) to the 2nd and 3rd players. One Gold card is sold for 2 points and when selling a Gold card(s), the 4th player can also sell the Willow tree Gold card, any Double cards, and any Wild cards together.

For example, if the 4th player shows Silver grass Gold card, Willow tree Gold card and one Wild card, that is 6 points and he/she earns 12 Stem sticks, 6 each from 2nd and 3rd players, even without playing the actual round. The seller's 7 Hand cards are then reshuffled into the Flip pile (the cards are not actually bought by 2nd & 3rd players; it is more like a fee) and the round begins while the 4th player, the seller, takes a paid vacation for one round

* Note: You cannot sell Willow tree Gold card itself


6 points, (1 Gold+1 Double+1 Wild) x 2 points, or 6 Stem sticks from each player


0 point as Willow tree Gold card alone is not counted as a Gold


4 point, 2 Gold card x 2 points

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