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9 Mosaic cards

How to score in Mosaic cards group


Example 1 : Total 5 points

  5 birds of Plum blossom, Wisteria and Silver grass (or of Feb., Apr. and Aug) make 5 points. They are the bush warbler, the little cuckoo and 3 wild geese


Example 2 : Total 2 points

  5 Mosaic cards make 1 point

  6 Mosaic cards make 2 points


Example 3 : Total 7 points

  5 Mosaic cards make 1 point

  6 Mosaic cards make 2 points

  But, 7 Mosaic cards make 7 points!

  (8 cards = 8 points, 9 cards = 9 points)


The Mosaic card of Chrysanthemum (or Sept.)

  also acts as a Double card. It can be a Mosaic card or a Double card as you want. But you can no longer move it once you use it as a Mosaic card to avoid another player taking it as a bonus Plain card when entitled


Wild Boar Hunt,

an optional game-in-game

  When a round begins, usually when the 1st round begins, each player puts 1 Stem stick in a separate box. The number of the sticks will be 4, 8, 12, .. as rounds go on. In the 1st turn of each round, if any of 4 players finds this cute! Wild boar in his/her 7 Hand cards, he/she wins all the Stem sticks. If it is in 6 Ground cards, the dealer  takes them all. From the following round, the number of the Stem sticks will be again 4, 8, 12, ...

 * Note 1: Even if you are dead for a round, don't forget to put 1 Stem stick in the box

 * Note 2: If you fail to show your Wild boar within the 1st turn, sorry, you cannot take the sticks! 

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